Monday, April 30, 2012

Prayers for Baby M

As most of you remember, Cooper's first friend and neighbor in the NICU was Baby M. We've been thinking a lot about Baby M lately and I wanted to share.
Baby M left the NICU/TCU about 2 months after Cooper, because she had a trach put in and Mom and Dad needed to learn to care for a baby with a trach and that just took some time. Well, the doctors decided that now was a good time to try to widen her airway so that she could breathe on her own and not need the trach anymore. That surgery was done last week and Baby M has been under sedation so that she wouldn't pull out the tubes and compromise the results. They have now started to wean her of the sedatives and will soon pull out the tubes to let her breathe on her own. If she can do this for 3 days, she's pretty much home free.

Please pray for Baby M and her family - these next few days are going to be very critical for her and very nerve-racking for everyone else.

We got the chance to see Baby M and her parents last week and even though she was sedated she looked  so beautiful. She has grown so much since we last saw her and has a ton more hair. Not like Cooper's, but for Baby M it's a lot!

Tomorrow is Cooper's 11 month mark!! Stay tuned for an update and picture...

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Cooper needs some votes!

This is the first of 2 contests Cooper is in. He would really appreciate if you all would vote for him - afterall, he IS the cutest kid!

Click here to vote and enjoy a cute picture,, you can vote once a day, too, if you have a chance!!