Monday, August 15, 2011


COOPER IS ALMOST 6 POUNDS!!! Can you believe it? Last night he was 5 pounds 14.2 ounces! WOW!!!

Otherwise he is doing great! He is taking his bottles well. I think he is up to 54 ML's and taking it ALL! He is still breathing on the nasal cannula at 26 %... We want this to be at 21% and soon! The sooner, the better!

A shower was held for Cooper this weekend and it was lovely. THanks to all who came and shower the CHandlers with SO much love!! ANd thank you for all of the continued prayers!! Keep them coming EVERYDAY!
I think thats about it... A few pics...

OH!! First... Do you remember THIS picture??? Those tiny rings were bracelets on Cooper's arm...

Well, I took this next picture last night.... same rings, same baby...same arm..... 2 months later....
 And here is a sweet picture of Coop and his mama... He loves to cuddle with her!


Keep praying for Coop and his breathing. It still needs to get stronger before he can go home. He also will occasionally have A's & B's (See glossary at the top) - pray that they don't think their ugly nose in Coop's business.
Pray also for his feedings to get stronger. This is also something that as to happen before he goes home. (bottle feeding and nursing)

Pray for Karen as she returns to work this week. (as a teacher) That she can adjust to the new schedule and being away from Coop too.

Keep Coops friend M in your prayers too. She is doing good at taking in milk and starting to digest it well. She is starting to maintain her body temp (YAY!) but still needs prayers for her breathing. They are still trying to figure out if there is a blockage in her airway.


  1. Wow, those picture comparisons are amazing! And, he even looks a little chunky in that second one! :-) An amazing little miracle from God!

  2. I know from experience how tough the NICU can be, I pray for his continued improvment and strength for his family.Seeing these photos if proof that God is great and working everyday in our lives.

  3. Thanks for the progress report. God is looking out for all of you, and I know He is staying close to little Cooper!

  4. After lots of NICU time I have seen and experienced the power of Prayer. With God's hand on the medical practitioners and the Love and Care from Mom and Dad, Little Baby Cooper is destined to throw that baseball in an upcoming little league season...with M cheering him on!

  5. Cooper looks so handsome.. It's amazing to see those rings so small on his hands now. God is an awesome God! Prayers for sweet Cooper. Keeping him & y'all in my prayers <3