Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers Day!!

I looked up the definition of "father" and it said - "a man who has begotten a child". Then I looked up "dad" and it said - "informal : a person's father"... But I am sure all of you can agree that it is so much more than that. Whether you are a father yourself or not... you have a dad, a man in your life who played that role or know one that is special to you. A father that raised you. Took care of you in your ups and downs... A dad that drove you to your first date... a dad that changed your poopy diapers, and embarrasses you with pictures years later.... The man that was your idol. Your hero... Your support and encourager. THAT is a dad. (and SO much more) Being a dad is so much more than just a definition.

Jason had his very first fathers day today! The GREAT news? He got to hold his son for the first time! Such a great fathers day gift! He also changed Cooper's poopy diaper and got his first "surprise" tinkle all over him!! I think Cooper was just trying to show his love for his daddy!!!

As for Coop's status - his breathing has improved. He does, however have an infection in his lungs. They believe it is a staph infection and he is already on antibiotics. They took a culture and should have the results back tomorrow to know for sure.

The blood transfusion seemed to help him. Karen said that he looked a lot better after it was done. The prayers are being heard!! Keep them coming!

OH! He has gained a little weight too... He is at 1 pound 8.7 ounces now!

Happy First fathers day of many to come, Chandler. You continue to blow me away with how proud you are and how much you have changed, and taken on this role like you were born to do it!! Love you man!


Pray for Cooper and his breathing to continue to improve - BIG TIME!  

Pray for his lungs to clear up and his infection to go away quickly.

Pray for K&J. They are tired and I can see that just by looking at them. They need rest and relaxation, but it is hard for them.

Pray for Chandler too. He is most likely going to be returning to work this week. (after breaking his collarbone 6 weeks ago.)

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