Saturday, June 11, 2011


just small changes... Cooper continues to do well eating. He is now up to 10 ML's. Just last week he was only at this is great!
There are 2 things that will be happening soon.
1 - He will be taken off the breathing tube and put on the CPAP. - Again, the CPAP is good. It only puts a little bit of air in his lungs so they don't stiffin' up.
2 - they told Karen that she will be able to Kangaroo soon! Kangaroo means she will get to hold her baby boy!!! This kangaroo hold allows baby to be skin to skin with mom and is healing in many ways for mom and baby. This is fantastic!!!

They will not do this all at once. They do not want to much going on for Cooper, so they will either do the CPAP first, or the Kangaroo first. Either way, this is good news!!


Pray for Coopers continued growth and development, and that his breathing gets stronger each day!

Pray that Karen gets to hold her sweet baby boy soon, and finally get that bond she needs with him, and him with her.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Katie: Praying for the family and baby Cooper.

  2. somehow just came across your blog...

    in the depth of prayers. i have twin girls, born at 23 weeks. spent 5 months in the NICU at childrens hospital before finally coming home.

    just wanted to reach out and say i'm praying and your family is on my heart today.