Tuesday, June 14, 2011

IN LOVE. {and 2 weeks old!!}

I remember when I was a kid, we would go on vacations each summer. We would go all over the United States, and even Canada once or twice. Our family had some great memories from these vacations but one memory I remember from each of them is getting ready to go. We would always drive to wherever we would go {YES! Even Canada} so usually we would leave VERY EARLY in the morning to get a good start on the drive. Well, I distinctly remember being so excited about leaving on vacation, I was usually packed and ready before we were even supposed to get up. I even remember sleeping in my jeans one time... The excitement as a child is like nothing else. Like Christmas Eve, and not being able to sleep... Or like your birthday party you've been planning for the last 364 days....
Well, I can only imagine that this day for Karen and Jason, and their excitement totally surpasses that childhood excitement.

Karen got to hold Cooper yesterday. For about an hour.
She said he was so tiny and his tiny little head fit in the palm of her hand. And the actual "getting him out of his isolete and to Karen" was hard, but once he was there...it was easy and sweet. She held him and she held his little hand.
They call this "Kangaroo Care" - in short it is used to help the mother/father and baby bond. It is known to help stabilize the babies heartbeat, body temperature and breathing. The amount of time for holding him will increase for K&J as time passes, and Cooper grows.

On other notes, Cooper is weighing in at 1.69 pounds (that's ABOVE his birth weight!!!) and as Jason puts it... he is "really packing on the ounces" He is eating more and more, I believe he is up to 14 ML's now, and lovin' it!
As for his breathing, he is back on the ventilator again. This is a small setback, but he was just having trouble adjusting to the CPAP. They think they are just going to give him a little bit more time to get a little bigger and they will try it again. (about 700 or 800 grams {or}1.9 + or - pounds) The CPAP was also blowing air into his body - which in turn was causing his belly to fill up and cause a reflux type reaction. He was throwing up his food a little because his tummy was so full of air. This is one reason they decided to switch him back to the breathing tube.
He does has D-STATS from time to time, but they usually get under control by themselves. Repositioning him, or putting a hand on him can also help. (D-STATS is Desaturation which is a decrease in the percentage of oxygen found in the circulating blood supply. In premature babies a saturation below 85 is considered below normal. In most babies, oxygen is adjusted to keep the oxygen saturation at 92-96%.)

Here is a sweet video of Cooper... He has the hiccups and if you look close, he smiles just a bit. I'd like to say it was at me... {his favorite aunt} ... but I wasn't there... Maybe he was thinking of me.....

SAVE THE DATE for July 6th. We are hosting a blood drive in Coopers name. It will be in the FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH of BURLESON parking lot from 11-7. All blood given will be put in Cooper's name. Blood type does not matter. SO GIVE for this sweet boy. As the date gets closer, I'll give more information.

Pray more for his breathing that he gets stronger, and when they try the CPAP again, it'll be for good. We want to say so long to that ventilator.

Pray for his reflux too that it doesn't get too bad.

Pray for K&J's strength...everyday. They need it, and comfort all summer.

I do not think that this has been said on, yet... and this certainly will not be the last time, but Thank you to each and every one of you that is sending prayers, thoughts and support. It is being felt by our entire family. Keep it coming....more and more.

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  1. Came across the blog tonight! My cousin just gave birth to her little girl, Rosie, at 23 wks 3 days gestation. I am encouraged by Cooper's progress and say a prayer for him and his family now.
    Keep up the great work on the blog, you're touching many lives.