Wednesday, May 30, 2012

One Year

It was May 30, 2011. A little before 7 am when I got the text from my mom. "Pray for KK - headed to hospital. Having contractions". My heart stopped for a second, but thinking it was just braxton hicks or something, I didn't worry to much right then. Not long after, I got another text. "Pray hard, Karen is in labor and they are trying to stop it."
I jumped up and got ready to head up to the hospital. At that point I started to get worried and continually said a prayer. She was only 24 weeks along....
I remember everything about that day. From the second I got to the hospital to the second I left. I remember where I was when I got another text that said "COME QUICK" from my mom. Karen's water had just broke and we all got the news that Cooper would make his appearance into the world that day - three and a half months early. I remember every phone call I made. Every face I saw there that day.
I remember being in Karen's room with several friends and family. We were all talking, thinking of names (ALL the names we came up with...) and all of a sudden the monitor tracking Cooper's heartbeat went silent. Everyone in the room froze as the nurse ran in and tried to find it again. She kindly asked us all to step out of the room. Not 10 minutes after that we heard the news that Cooper was here...and he was breathing! That was the first miracle. A baby born at 24 weeks. 16 weeks early. He was breathing and alive! It was a very happy time, but also very scary.
I remember standing out in the hallway outside of her room... Just waiting to hear what was happening. Then all of a sudden...just like in the movies, Cooper was wheeled out in his incubator. There were at least 6 doctors and nurses around him. There was a lot of talking and yelling, and people pumping and directing... They went by as fast as they could to get him into the NICU. We could not even see him in there because he was so small.
I remember seeing him for the first time. About 2 am the next morning. It was amazing. It was incredible.... He was such a tiny little thing. So fragile, his skin was red, and almost see through. He would have fit in the palm of your hand. At 1 pound and 5 ounces, he was a miracle of God. The journey had only begun.... but you know the story. {and if you don't...start HERE}...
There were ups and downs, but with your prayers, support, the fabulous nurses and doctors and the simple miracle that our amazing God performed... Cooper Grayson is turning ONE today. He is healthy, happy...crawling and doing amazing!
Happy First Birthday, Cooper Grayson. You are LOVED!