Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Day 98.

Again, I'm sorry for the lack of post... If at any time you all feel like I am neglecting the blog feel free to email me at katyanne@sbcglobal.net and say "GET TO IT!" - I won't be offended... I promise.

Well, Cooper the Trooper is doing great! He is so very close to going home, yet still has one huge hurdle to get over.

They have not been feeding him from a bottle lately so they could give him more time to grow and mature. Tomorrow at 2:30 they will be doing a swallow test. They will feed him under an X-Ray and this will show if he is swallowing or aspirating the milk. We want him to be swallowing, of course.

If the test does not go as well as hoped, the option of a G-button will arise. A g-button {or a gastric feeding tube or button}  is a tube inserted through a small incision in the abdomen into the stomach and is used for long-term nutrition.... This is an option that J&K would rather not do... Of course they want Coop to be able to eat, drink and be happy.... THIS IS A HUGE PRAYER REQUEST!

In GREAT NEWS... Cooper has been off of all forms of oxygen since 12 am this morning... {midnight}. He is going on almost 21 hours of breathing 100% BY HIMSELF! AMAZING!!!

SO... what I'm getting at is... he really needs to be able to eat, so he can go home!

He weighs 7 pounds 10.8 ounces...not so much fitting into those tiny preemie clothes anymore.

And of course, he gets cuter everyday!

A few pictures of the cutie pie...
 I mean, SERIOUSLY! He's cute.
 Sweet little family.
I didn't purposely cut my sister's face out of this picture..... I promise.

Baby M is doing great! She is on the CPAP and doing well! They are going to give her a little bit more time before they try to take her off of it. AS far as I know, she is eating well and disposing...well. :-) Keep the prayers for baby M coming!


A HUGE HUGE HUGE Prayer request tonight {and tomorrow} is that Coop passes his test with flying colors! I mean really... Pray that he swallows well and that all that yummy milk {well...to him, its yummy} goes strait to his big 'ol belly!

Keep K&J always in your prayers... As the days go on {98 days} they are getting anxious and are ready to take Coop home.


  1. Prayers coming to you from Corner, AL. This little man is such a miracle and a true testimate to God's grace and almighty power. GOOD LUCK tomorrow. Hope to see him home soon.

  2. I found your site through another website that I follow. I have been keeping up with Cooper since he was born. My daughter was born at 29 weeks and spent 61 days in the NICU. She also had alot of trouble with eating and spent about 4 weeks in the hospital, ready to come home except for the eating issue. One day she would finish all her bottles and the next day she wouldn't do any. It was frustrating and I came home crying every night. The day she came home was a day of rejoicing. She is 4 yrs. old now and still has a a sensitive gag reflux which affects the foods she will eat. Other than that you would never know she was a preemie. I pray Cooper's swallow test goes well and you will be able to bring him how VERY SOON.

  3. Praying, praying, praying. Can't meet this little fella!

  4. We are praying for Cooper's test to go great tomorrow. We know how anxious y'all are to get him home

    Brandi & Steve Lindlof