Friday, September 16, 2011

What's Karen thinking?

Karen sent me this for the blog... Today, September 16th is Cooper's actual due date... Here's how Karen feels.


Today was my due date. There are a lot of different things going through my head, so much that I can’t even separate one from another. There’s also a flood of emotion as I realize that we should have a brand new little, perfect baby. But instead we have a perfect, big 3 month old. Today Cooper is 3 months 2 ½ weeks old and weighs over 8lb. That may not seem like a lot for a 3 month old, but considering where he started, it’s such a big change. As much as we’ve gone through these past 3 ½ months, I wouldn’t change or give them up for anything. God’s timing is perfect and he knew what he was doing when we were all so scared for Cooper to come so early. Cooper is truly one of God’s little miracles and has touched so many lives; and I pray that he continues to do just that.
Being at the hospital with Cooper has just become our way of life. Since May 30, we have known no different. It’s been a long road and we’ve been tired and maybe have had to change some plans, but there’s nothing I love more than sitting with him. I think back to the first time we got to touch him or the first time he wore clothes, or I look back at pictures from when he was not even 2 lbs, and I had no idea what we had coming. I can’t say we’ve loved every minute of it, but I still wouldn’t give up those things.
Cooper has been a fighter since day 1. And still is. We’ve been so blessed with his progress. Being in the NICU and around the other babies that have come and gone (or come and stayed) we’ve seen a lot of things and not all of them have been as fortunate as we have. And it’s all because of our Faith and the prayers and support we’ve gotten. Some of these babies don’t have anyone, but Cooper has truly been raised by an army of God.

On a side note – please continue to pray for a speedy recovery for Baby M. Her surgery went well and they aren’t expecting any complications. Pray also for her parents. They aren’t able to hold her for a few days during recovery and that will probably be the hardest part.

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  1. Celebrating God's goodness and allowing us to see His miracle named Cooper! Now, can't wait to meet him! Big hugs!