Sunday, September 25, 2011

117 Days.

Today marks the 117th day of Coop in this world. 117 days of Cooper being in the NICU and 117 days of visiting the NICU.

I keep holding off to post a blog in hopes that I could post "He's HOME!" update... BUT that hasn't happened... YET.

There is certainly talk of Cooper going home! Soon. No set date yet - and if he has brady's it could set him back more.... But there is talk, and THAT is always a good sign! Yesterday was day 5 for his last brady... and he had one in his swing. SO, the Dr. has said he wanted to keep an eye on him over the weekend, and they'll talk Monday.

Coop has already passed his car seat test, an so now all he needs is the A-OK to head home.

Cooper is still doing great. 9 pounds 2 ounces!
Hopefully I'll be able to post pictures of Coop's nursery soon.


Prayers for his homecoming are VERY MUCH appreciated, needed, wanted...

K&J - patience and understanding while they wait for that AMAZING and much awaited day to arrive!

Cooper's overall health when he comes home. Flu season is approaching, and we just want Coop to be happy and healthy when he gets home!

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  1. Cooper, This news is so exciting and I can't wait until you get to go home and sleep in your own bed. What a miracle you are little guy!