Monday, September 19, 2011

Late Night Update...

Seriously ya'll it's past 9:30... This girl is tired and usually in bed by now... At least on school nights!

Here's the deal... Coop is the man! I mean, really...he is. He's been breathing on his own for well over a week...maybe even two... He's got ALL of his feeding down now, all from a bottle! {GREAT NEWS!}.. I mean he is almost NINE POUNDS NOW! {WOW-ZA} and he is just plain ready to be home...

BUT.... {there's ALWAYS a but...}

He keeps having brady's - {a drop in his heart rate....see glossary, here...} He has to go 5 days without having any A's and B's {apneas and brady's}. If he has one, his 5 days has to start over again.
He's ready to go home, but he seems to want to stick to the NICU a few more days... {maybe it's the fantastic nurses}

Pray for this little guy to get that heart rate under control and maintain it - like the trooper he is!


Of course as mentioned above pray for Cooper and his HR. Pray BIG that the next 5-6-7-8-9------- days he doesn't have any drops and he is home ASAP!

KEEP K&J in your prayers for continued patience, comfort and His love. They can't wait to get this little guy home.

Baby M is recovering well from her surgery. Keep her and her family in your prayers as she continues to recover and they get her back on a schedule - and settled into her new NICU room.

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  1. What a beautiful baby! He's gotten so big since I first saw his story. Im so happy for this family! What a precious precious gift!
    -Haley Vernier