Thursday, June 2, 2011

What's in a name?

Cooper Grayson Chandler - Sweet boy is an impatient little man, wouldn't you say? I mean he just insisted on making his apperance into this world 4 months early, and on that note - just a day before his favorite auntie's birthday. (like how I get that in each post?)

His name had been debated upon ever since we all found out he - was a "he". K & J had tossed around a few names here and there... but never really did decide on one 100%.

I (being a bit impatient myself) just started to call the little guy "Javier". It was the first name that came to me when writting out Karen's mothers day it stuck. "Little Javie"

Well, when his BIRTHday came around...and he was born, K & J were pressured to come up with a name. EVERYONE put their input in... Lets see.... We had Calvin (Cal Ripken), Shanikwa (don't ask...), Wilson, Lane, then of course we had Trooper... Chandler Chandler and Javier came sneeking its way back in, Chris (suggested by Chris Wigley).... but none of those seemed to fit.

They had pretty much narrowed it down to Cooper for the first name. They are both baseball lovers and actually got the name from Cooperstown, Home of the Baseball Hall of Fame. They were 50/50 on a middle name. They liked Cooper Lane... but just didn't feel 100% about it.

Then, in the waiting room... sweet Ernestine Ross suggested the name "Grace". Because he was born, and with us by the Grace of God.
Ernestine is all heart and one of the sweetest ladies I know. She giggled a little and said it was a girls name, but then sugested Grayson.

My mom shared the name with K & J and they loved it and finally (2 days later) decided that this little miracles name would be Cooper Grayson Chandler.

He is certianly here by the GRACE of our awesome God. And he is one special little boy.

Keep the prayers coming! I'll update on his status in the morning!

Love and Hugs,

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