Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cooper - Day 3

Sweet little Coop has been breathing on his own for 2 days now! He was only on the breathing tube for the first day and was switched to CPAP. The CPAP lets air into his lungs so they do not stiffin' up. He also has a feeding tube that goes down into his tiny tummy.

He is able to have his mama's milk which is a great thing for his development.

Karen and Jason are headed home today after lunch. Many prayers for them as they do this. I know that leaving a child behind at the NICU can not be easy, but with the prayers and the comfort from our amazing God... I know they will get through it.

Prayer Needs:

Continually Pray for Cooper. Although we are getting nothing but good news right now... he is still out in this world 4 months early. He needs prayers every minute of every day for strength, health and nourishment. His heart, lungs and all other organs still have some developing to do - so pray without ceasing.

Pray for Jason and Karen as they head home. With 2 kiddos of my own, I can not imagine how they must be feeling. Pray that God grants them comfort, strength and understanding.

Pray for the NICU team at Harris Downtown. They are said to be one of the best around - but God IS the best... and can (and already has) work miracles everyday.

Much Love,
Aunt Katy

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  1. Praying for all of the Chandlers! We're covering your finals and kids at school, Karen...just focus on you and your family! Much love! Kim Estes