Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Cooper is still such a great little trooper!! And he's 4 WEEKS OLD!!!! (holy cow!)

Dr said lungs are looking better. - This is good because all other reports since Coop got the infection was "still the same" or "not any worse" - So... "better" is GREAT!

They have gone down on the vent again. (another YAY!) And Co2 is looking good especially since the vent rate is so low.

They want to try him on the CPAP again in the next few days and see how he does.

Coop weighed in at 2 pounds 2.3 ounces!!! Yaay! They think some of it could still be fluid, so they have given him some lasix to try to flush the fluid out. He might loose a little weight again, but we are getting up there in the 2's!!! My sweet little trooper nephew is amazing!!

Seems with his weight it is 2 steps forward, one step back. In my mind this is an OK route to go... slow and steady. Keep up the hard work, Coop!!!

Cooper got another blood transfusion today. This is his 4th transfusion in 4 WEEKS! Can you imagine? Such a great reason to help him out and give blood next Wednesday, the 6th at our Blood Drive for Cooper! Details are to the right, or visit our facebook page for the event.

I can not speak for K&J&C, but I'm sure they feel this way too.... THANK YOU. To each and everyone of you that has called, emailed, sent cards, words of encouragement, meals, gift cards, gas cards, goodies, and so much more... THANK YOU. And for the outpouring of love and prayer. It is amazing to feel such a comfort. Just on my side {as the favorite aunt}- and to know that there are literally THOUSANDS of people out there that know Coopers story, and already love him and are praying for him to get stronger day by day. Coop is just going to blow these doctors away with all of these prayers happening.

Just. Amazing.



Keep praying for Coop's lungs to develop and get stronger. Pray that he is ready to get back on the CPAP and start breathing on his own!
Pray that his vent rate and Co2 level will get better and stay that way.
Pray for his lungs to clear up.

Pray for J&K - J started back to work this week, so pray that he gets a schedule going to see Coop, Karen and also gets plenty of rest.
I can see that they are very tired, so pray that they both get plenty of rest.

Pray that this summer will fly by for them.

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