Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Long Haul.

As most of you can imagine, the arrival of Cooper was quite the surprise. His due date being September 16th, a memorial day birth was not in the plan...
We are just in the beginning of Coopers journey in the NICU. The doctors, nurses and staff have all said to be prepared to be in the NICU until his due date. We'll hope for before, but be prepared for that "full term" marker.

There are already so many terms and lines and tubes that I am fully lost as to which is which. Each day that Karen updates me, I usually have to ask for a fuller explanation of what's what's...and where it goes...

Cooper's status is about the same. He is still on the breathing tube for now. He got a blood transfusion yesterday because one of his blood levels was low, and dropping. We've been told that it is normal to have a handful of blood transfusions with a NICU stay. They have upped his feedings to 6 ml's. He is a little pig!! :-)

Karen and Jason are well. Tired, and I'm sure a little anxious.
Prayer Request...

Continue to pray for Cooper's breathing and that they can take the breathing tube out. - Also when this does happen, that he will have fewer apneas than before.

Karen and Jason that they continue to have strength. There is a long summer ahead of them, and it's not going to get easier.

Pray that Cooper starts to gain weight... we want to see him with some chubby cheeks...ASAP!

There are a LOT of babies in that NICU, some without parents to visit and love them. Keep them all in your prayers as well.

A couple of pictures...

We think he may have red hair... and he actually already has quite a bit of it! I just love him so much!

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