Saturday, June 18, 2011

Ups, and Downs.

When Cooper was first born, practically everyone who worked at that hospital - and everyone who has ever been involved with or has known someone with a NICU baby said "there will be ups and downs"...

Today has been a rough day for Cooper. I've mentioned his breathing troubles the past few days, and they continue.
His CO2 levels are high. He is getting enough oxygen but he is not getting rid of enough CO2. His lungs look a little hazy, so they are testing him for an infection. Karen said that the preliminary test are showing no infection, however the haziness of his lungs is still unknown. Results will be back tomorrow.

He is also getting another blood transfusion today.

Pray BIG for these results to come back clear, and for his lungs to clear up. Keep praying for his breathing to get better and stronger.

Pray for K&J today. They were at the hospital all morning and afternoon, and are tired. Pray for their strength and comfort while they wait for results.

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