Friday, June 17, 2011

A Special Request

I am starting this post with a special request. A baby that was next to Cooper's bed is no longer with us. She was about 3 weeks old than Cooper and much smaller.  That is really all I can say. I simply can not imagine what that family is feeling. It hurts my heart, and I do not even know them. Pray for this family. For strength and comfort.

As for our Cooper - we still need to pray for his breathing. He is having trouble getting his oxygen level to stabilize, which in turn gives him slight breathing trouble. He is still on the ventilator, and at times he will breath all on his own, but it seems he gets tired, and just the machine has to pick up for him. This causes less oxygen to get into his blood and it just needs to get better.

Cooper is eating great. And last time they weighed him, he was just under a pound and a half!! YAY!! We will have a 2 pounder before you know it!

Tomorrow is dad's turn to hold Cooper. (we hope...) Very exciting!! That bonding time is so sweet - I saw it first hand!


The family of the baby girl.

Cooper's breathing. Pray hard that it gets stronger and he is a pro at breathing on his own!!!

K&J - for strength. J is working a lot these past couple of days and is tired. Pray that they both get enough rest each day.

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  1. So wonderful to read about Cooper everyday. One of Pat's nurses here at the Center is having a baby boy in two weeks and his name will be Cooper also! I told her great babies are named Cooper!