Friday, June 10, 2011


If you all listen to 94.9 (or any christian station in your area) you may have already heard this song. Listen to the lyrics. ts a really great word.

Websters definition of MERCY is : a blessing that is an act of divine favor or compassion - sounds a bit like Cooper, doesn't it. Although he is a tiny little guy, and we wish he would have stayed in  Karen's belly a bit longer; he is here, and he is most definitely a blessing. A beautiful, tiny, lovely and awesome miracle little blessing.

Cooper is still doing well, and we continue to get good reports. Isn't that awesome?? He has gained a little weight and he is almost back UP to his birth weight. He is currently at 1 pound 5.2  ounces. YAY for Coop!! Everything is is still the same He is still on the ventilator, but last report was he was breathing mostly on his own. I believe that they will leave it in a little longer to make sure his breathing is stable before they put the CPAP back on. GREAT NEWS!! He is still a little pig, and they continue to raise his feedings. He is now eating 8 ML's and will probably increase that again soon!

Prayer Request:

Of course, for Cooper's strength. His development and breathing. Pray for his little heart, lungs and brain to continue to develop perfectly.
Pray for his breathing to get stronger and regular - NO APNEA'S!

Pray for J&K as they travel back and fourth. I know it is wearing on them. Pray they get rest and also take a little time to just take in everything that a new baby brings.

Oh, and GO MAV's

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