Thursday, June 23, 2011


Cooper is growing, and he is almost 2 pounds!! 1 pound 14.8 ounces) Thats so great!!! I haven't  updated much, because besides the amount that he eats, poops and gains... nothing has changed. We hope we have a 2 pounder tomorrow.

He is still the same in his breathing. He needs to get a little stronger and more stable before we try the CPAP again. Once he finishes up with his antibiotics, hopefully he will start getting better and stronger at his breathing. Dr. said his X-Rays of his little lungs are looking good - not any better, but not any worse.

A few pictures to brighten your day...

He is holding his favorite aunt's hand.


Keep praying for Cooper's lungs that they develop stronger and stronger each day. Pray also that his breathing improves and he can breath on his own soon!

Keep praying for K&J - strength, rest, comfort and love.

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