Monday, June 6, 2011

Happy One Week Birthday Cooper!

Just got the morning update from Karen.
Cooper was having reoccuring apneas and they have put the breathing tube back on him. The doctor said that they have never had a 24 weeker stay on the CPAP exclusively, and the nurse said this was a good thing so his little lungs could rest a bit from working so hard. The ventilator is breathing  20 breaths a minute and he is still breathing at least that much on his own as well.
He is down to 1.41 pounds and they have increased his feedings to 4.5 ML's. This is more than doubled from just a few days ago.
Karen was able to change another {poopy} diaper. - This is also good...
Of course he is still as cute as can be. :-)

Prayer Needs:

Pray that Cooper's breathing gets better. He is tiny, but we love the fact that he breathes on his own. Pray that his apneas slow down and don't happen as often.

Continue to pray for J&K as they travel back and fourth to the hospital and that they continue to have strenght while at home.

Pray for Chandler also. He broke his collarbone several weeks ago and is still recovering from that.

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