Friday, June 3, 2011

Cooper - Day 4

First, I want to say WOW MOM WOW! This blog has been live for just under 24 hours and it has gotten almost 1,000 hits. THATS AMAZING! It is so amazing that the internet....can be such a great tool as to get people from coast to coast praying for one little baby boy.

There are so many of you praying for little Coop - and it's obvious that God is in control.

Coop's status this morning is great! Dr. said Coop's breathing right now is a 10! He is doing extremly well with his breathing , and the doctor even mentioned how unusually well the CPAP is going for a baby so small.(SEE, God is good!)

They have also removed the blood pressure monitor because Coop's BP has been so stable! (again, WOW!)
They are also going to start feeding him more today!! (he had his first dirty diaper yesterday!)

Night before last, Cooper had a couple of apnea's. This is very normal and expected, however the Dr. again was surprised that this was his first and he only did it twice. Don't you just love it when doctor's are surprised? There is only one cause for that... :-)

Cooper has also been a little jaundiced. He was under lights yesterday, and they will test him this morning sometime to see how his levels are.

I wanted to include another picture today. This is when Coop was just 8 or so hours old. It is a picture withhis mama'a hand and shows just how tiny he is. It's amazing, really...

I somehow managed to get by without mentioning his favorite aunt.... oh wait, no I didn't!! I just love that little guy!

Prayer Request:

Continue to pray for Cooper and his development. We have had nothing but good news this far, but there could be many hurdles ahead. Pray that we go right over those hurdles and continue to just blow the doctors away!

Continue to pray for J & K. THey are home now and adjusting as new parents...only without their new baby at home with them. THey will be making several trips to the hospital each day. Pray that they have strenght, feel love, and understanding in the next several months.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. GO MAV'S!

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  1. Go Cooper Go! Awesome are showing out!