Sunday, June 26, 2011

How Tiny?

You may see some of these pictures and think to yourself, "oh goodness, he is so little..." Yes, but in all honesty, these pictures make him look quite big. We try to throw in one with K&J's hands and such to illustrate how small he really is... but there is nothing like this picture to actually show you how tiny he really is.

Look down at your hand. Look at your fingers, do you have a ring on? Now take it off and look at the circumference of it...  whether you're a man or a woman, boy or girl... that ring is fairly small in comparison to your arm... now look at this picture...
Can you imagine fitting that little ring on your child's arm? On any arm for that matter? It's amazing, really. Cooper's arm is small enough to fit both Jason and Karen's wedding rings on it. And they actually look pretty big on his little arm.

I personally think he looks like he has grown. I mean he is almost 4 weeks old!! They did measure his head, and it has grown a little bit!! Yay!! Go Cooper, keep up the growing little man!!!

No other big updates to report. His breathing is the same. They have increased his feedings AGAIN and he is digesting it well... a.k.a - pooping a lot.

They are moving him to a new room most likely today. This is good because they consider him sable enough to get out of the admission room!! It is also sad because we are leaving some great nurses in there that everyone has already grown to love.

Keep the prayers for the breathing to improve and for his little lungs to develop fully.

Keep K&J in your prayers too.

Remember that we are having a blood drive for Cooper on July 6th!!!

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  1. I don't think people really understand how tiny really little preemies actually are. I've always thought the ring pictures are the best illustration of it. He's a beautiful little guy, by the way!