Wednesday, August 24, 2011

SWeet Cooper

Cooper is still just truckin' along.

He is currently (as of last night 6 pounds 6 ounces and breathing at 24%. Last night while Karen was holding him, his little nasal cannula was out of his nose almost the whole time... {which means he was breathing on his own!!} Pray that he can become "wireless" soon!

Looks like right now his biggest hurdle is eating. He seems to have a bit of reflux, and that is holding him back from eating well.

Sorry, just an update today, I promise to post pictures next time.


Update on Miss M... She's moved rooms! (great thing!) and they have already increased her food to 13 ML's! She's over 5 pounds and will soon move to a big girl crib!

She is still breathing on the vent, so say big prayers that she can get stronger breathing and that the doctors can figure out her breathing issues.

Pray for Coop and his feedings. This is one big thing holding him back from going home. He seems to be spitting up more the past few days, and so he really needs to get that under control.

Pray too for J&K. Both are working and that minimizes their time with sweet cooper. IT was 8:30 before Karen got to see Coop last night. I know this is hard for them.

Pray that Coop gets to come home soon! Karen's due date was September 16th, which s just about 3 weeks away..... Lets hope and pray that Coop gets to go home when he was supposed to!

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