Friday, August 19, 2011

and, We've got a 6 pounder!

YES FOLKS!! You read that right! Cooper weighs 6 pounds 1.9 ounces.Isn't God just amazing!?

He is still doing great! And he is progressing like he should! He is still breathing at 26% {like a champ} and eating 55ML's at a time.

He had a test on his kidneys {I forgot what it was called} - BUT he passed!! And His eyes were tested again for ROP {see glossary} and it has not changed, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

He is in a room now where babies actually go home on a regular basis! Keep praying that this happens soon! {and that he is ready soon!}

And of course, pictures...

I mean seriously... how cute is this kid??? Even with his triple chin... He seems to be a favorite in the NICU! Some nurses come to visit him just to be able to hug on him a second.


Baby M has reached 5 pounds!!{this is GREAT considering she didn't eat for a LONG time!} She had a rough night last night and had some trouble breathing - and could possibly have an infection. So keep baby M and her mom and dad in your prayers. That little girl needs to be reunited with Coop again. They miss each other.

Pray that Coop gets better and stronger at breathing and eating... and that his coming home date is approaching!

Pray for Karen as school starts next week and she will be more limited as to when she can visit Coop.

Pray for J&K that they get plenty of rest and relaxation.

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