Sunday, August 28, 2011


and a brief update... BUT FIRST, Pictures...

I love it when little baby butts are in the air!


First time enjoying a swing!

Look at that cuteness!

SO SO much hair!

He's already a Mav's fan!

Lastly, remember this precious picture? The ice cream bowl hat...that was WAY too big...?

Well, the hat doesn't quite fit anymore....

As for an update... Coop's breathing is great! His oxygen is as low as it can go. The nurses try to take him completely off once or twice a day, but Coop doesn't like that much... So for now he is still on it...

His feedings have gotten a little hairy. They found that he aspirates his milk when drinking from a bottle. So they have halted the bottle feed for now. They think they will give him a couple of weeks to try and grow more and mature before trying the bottle again.

He weighs 6 pounds 13 ounces! Just about to big for those tiny preemie clothes.

And, he's still really cute, and loves his {favorite} aunt, Katy.

His friend, M got to move rooms! She is getting close to being Coopers neighbor again. I'm sure they miss each other... they've been together since birth! She is still gaining weight well and doing better with feedings and spit ups.
She still is on the vent, so prayers that she gets her breathing stronger.


Pray for Coops feedings. More ups and downs here... {they never seem to end} - he has to be able to drink and digest exclusively from a bottle. This is holding him back from going home. Pray big that when they try the bottle again, he he does it like a champ.

Keep K&J in your prayers. Its been almost 3 months of visiting Coop in the NICU on a daily basis {several times a day} - they are getting anxious to get their little guy home and they need prayers for patience and comfort.

Your prayers are so important right now to get Coop strong enough to go home!!! Keep them coming!

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  1. Ya for baby Cooper. My cousin's baby was born in Feb. 31/2 months early as well. She is now 6 months old with a new heart. Had heart transplant almost 3 weeks ago. she is now up to 10.5 lbs.
    My daughter and I pray for Cooper every night. God's blessings on you all. Never give up God is on our side!