Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Long Time...

My sister kindly reminded me yesterday that my last post was in DECEMBER!
SO, with that I felt the need to update you all on Coop. Many many apologies for the lack of updates. Life has taken over and been busy for all.

Anyway... Cooper is doing just great! He is 16 pounds and almost 10 months old. I can not believe he is about to turn ONE!!!

As a preemie, he is behind on all of his milestones. He does not do what a 10 month old would normally do... but based on his due date (September) he is pretty much right on que.
He is rolling all over the place and wants to crawl really bad. You can tell that he is trying but just cant quite figure it out yet. He holds his head up like a pro and is REALLLLLLY close to sitting up.
He LOVES to smile and laugh. (especially for his favorite aunt) and he is just so darn cute. His birthday in May will be just amazing. It'll be something else to celebrate this little Boy's amazing miracle life! (He's gonna have a fireman birthday party)

Here is a picture timeline for ya, since I've missed SO much!

 Cooper Day ONE

Coop, 2 Months Old.

 Cooper, 5 Months

 Cooper, 6 months

 Coop, 8 Months

Cooper, 9 months

Cooper today. Because he looked really cute. :-)

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