Saturday, October 8, 2011


It is hard to describe a miracle in a blog post... I'll certainly try my best, but trying to put into words the miracle that God has performed with Cooper is something all the words in my brain couldn't construe to anyone.

I remember May 30th like it was yesterday. I remember so many things so vividly - feelings, words, texts....expressions.... And I was just an onlooker.

From the first text that morning to when I left the hospital at 2 am - I remember everything, and it is something that will be sketched in my brain for the rest of my life. It was an experience that brought so much emotion, love and Gods power to me. One that I thought I would never experience but has shown me - and so many people so much.

I remember sitting in the hospital room waiting on Cooper to come into the world. Hearing Dr. E talk to K&J (and family) about what could happen. The chances of survival and the chances of complications. He absolutely did not sugar coat anything. Stated the flat out worst things that could happen - and gave some hope that Cooper would come out breathing, and they could quickly get him intubated.

When Cooper was born at 1 pound 5 ounces he fit in the palm of the doctors hand. Such a tiny thing, yet already a miracle.

As his story was told - it was becoming obvious that God was in charge. It was obvious that after only a short time of Karen going into labor... hundreds of people were already praying - people all over the world. It was obvious that in some way, this little miracle was going to impact so many people.

His story really is amazing. From being so tiny, so helpless, having a 40 to 50 % chance of survival... to being this amazing 9 pound chunky beautiful baby boy - It is OBVIOUS who was in charge here.
Even his doctor, Dr. B said ... "you would have never thought just by looking at him that he was a 1 pound baby. He is a perfectly healthy baby boy" ....

He is home. No monitors, and no wires. Just perfect. He is doing great, adjusting to his new home and mom and dad are loving every minute of it!!!

Blessings do come in disguise, and God's plan and his blessings... is just that...


Thank you... to each and everyone of you that prayed for him. Your prayers have done so much for Cooper and his mom and dad. There are not enough words to say thank you. Those that don't even know K&J, those that do.....the nurses...doctors (all wonderful people)... Words, hugs, and thanks will never be enough.

This isn't the end, it's only the beginning - and I'll continue to update on Coop's story!!!

A few pictures of his homecoming and at home!

                                                                  Just leaving the hospital!
On his way HOME!
First bath at home!!
Meeting his cousin for the very first time!


  1. He is a miracle indeed. Love that sweet boy!

  2. So very happy that he is home with mom and dad. Thank you, Lord for your blessings! We will continue to follow and pray for you all from T-town. Maybe someday he will roll with the Tide!
    Sarah House

  3. A wonderful ending to what I am sure felt like a never-ending NICU journey. It is truly amazing that he came home monitor free. And he sure is darn cute!

  4. Wonderful news! So glad to hear this and to see how well he is doing. Now the fun really begins for mom and dad!
    Amy Novotney
    Mom of Michaela, a 27-weeker