Saturday, October 29, 2011


So, technically tomorrow is Cooper's 5 month birthday.... but I was at my computer and thought about writing a post... so I did it!

HOW IS COOPER DOING?? You may ask... {because I have failed to update on a weekly basis like I said I would}

Well, Cooper is doing fantastic. K&J are so excited to have him home and everyone is adjusting very well!! Cooper doesn't like to sleep... I mean he is awake from 7 am till 10 pm... He will occasionally take a cat nap, but otherwise he is up! For the most part he is a pretty happy boy, and likes to eat! I think at his last check up appointment he weighed 10 and a half pounds!

He is such a sweet boy! And absolutely LOVES to be cuddled! Karen and Cooper are pretty much stuck inside for the winter... He is more susceptible to getting colds, flu and GERMS in general... so they are supposed to stay in for the most part.

When K goes back to work, Coop will be staying with his {favorite} aunt!

A Few pictures for you!!

EVEN though they didn't take the title, The TEXAS RANGERS are and will always be champs in Coop's book!

Coop at 1 day {or maybe even just a few hours...}

And if you missed it.... Check out Coop's pictures from his photo shoot HERE!! He's darn tootin' cute!

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