Thursday, July 14, 2011

Big Boy!!!

What a slacker I am!! The last post was on Sunday - and it's THURSDAY!!! So sorry!!!

Actually there isn't much to report. His infection has cleared up! YAY!! And he has reached 3 pounds. I'm not sure the exact weight this morning, but yesterday he was 3 pounds 1.4 ounces... He is such a little fatty!! He actually has a double chin coming in... It's really adorable.

The doctor is not pushing his oxygen to get better just yet. She said that she wants to focus on him growing right now. He is doing so great at that, they are going to let him grow a little more, then decrease his numbers. The bigger and older he gets, the easier the breathing should come to him.

So, how about just a few pictures of our big boy??? Here you go!! These were taken this morning!


KEEP praying for Cooper's lungs that they continue to get stronger. Pray that he continues to grow at such a great rate!!! And pray for him to be able to regulate his oxygen levels.

Always say a prayer for K&J, they need strength, love, comfort and REST!

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  1. Love seeing the open eye! And I have a particular affinity towards 3 lb, 1.4 ounces as that was our younger son's birthweight (1402 grams).

    So glad to hear about the infection being cleared up and hoping for feeding and growing and progress. Slow and steady really does win the race.