Sunday, July 17, 2011

Crack of Dawn

Have you ever experienced Dawn? I mean that short time early, early morning that marks the beginning of the twilight before the sunrise. Now, don’t confuse this  with the sunrise... Dawn is recognized by the presence of weak sunlight. While the sun itself is still below the horizon.  The Dawn of the day can be determined by a single ‘thread’. When the color of the thread can be seen changing from black {of night} to the thread’s {beautiful} and distinctive color, the ‘crack of dawn’ has occurred.
I was recently driving through New Mexico on our way to Colorado {for our yearly summer trip}. I was taking my leg of the driving and drove from about 3 am – 7 am. Through this, I got to experience my very first ‘crack of dawn’ – AND, I had a back drop of gorgeous mountains. I could not help but just bask in the glory of God’s goodness and His creation.
It’s a beautiful sight, and if you have not seen it… I strongly suggest that you wake up one morning early enough to see the beauty that only God can provide.
I couldn’t help but think of Cooper and how he has come so far. Although there is still a long road ahead of us, I just know that Cooper is here, NOW for good reason. He is God’s creation and a beautiful one at that. God’s timing is perfect. He is never early, and never late. Cooper’s arrival here was all in HIS plan.
Well, our Cooper is a superstar and it seems his light is shining brighter and brighter each day! He is growing like a champ and still eating like a little piglet! He also knows how to digest and {eh-hem…} dispose of all that goes in….
 He is down on his rate, and pressure on his vent and oxygen! {This is GREAT!} The numbers for his vent needs to be in the teens. They are currently around 30, but better than last week when they were 55. He will slowly get his breathing down, just takes time…and a little growth.  He is a big boy at 3 pounds and 7.7 ounces. Amazing, isn’t it? He gained 3 ounces since YESTERDAY!
He got to wear his first T-Shirt and looks soooo darn cute! He also got a nice bath, and even got in a little tub time!!

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