Monday, July 4, 2011


I'm such a slacker! I apologize for my lack of updates the past few days...

Happy 4th of July! I o hope everyone has had a great 4th weekend.

Cooper's first July 4th has been good. The little chunk weighed in at 2 pounds and 10.3 ounces... He s gaining weight like a champ. And you can really tell. He is starting to noticeable look bigger.

Everything else is about the same. His breathing is slowly improving. Some days will be good, some not so much. He's a snotty little fellow... so when his breathing starts to go downhill, they clear out his nose and throat/mouth and that usually does the trick. - Really, when they clear his is like they are cleaning the nose of a 3 year old.... There is a lot of snot in his tiny little nose. A LOT! He also has a little bit of reflux, so it all gets caught in his throat and troubles his breathing.
His oxygen levels are improving as well... We'll get there, slowly but surely.

Here is Coop this morning!!!

THE BLOOD DRIVE IS THIS WEDNESDAY!!!! YAY! Have you signed up yet???
The details: This Wednesday, July 6th.  from 11 am - 7 pm. Locate at First Baptist Church in Burleson. Carter will have their bus in the parking lot.
You o not have to have an appointment to come, and it does not matter your blood type.
ALSO< everyone who gives blood gets free BLUEBELL ice cream! (Who can pass up free ice cream???)

Questions? Call me at 817-781-3459 :-)

Lastly, We have a little something for sale. K&J had originally planned to attend the All Star game next week in AZ. Cooper had other plans for them... SO We have 6 All Star Game tickets for sale. All star game is July 12 in Phoenix Also includes tickets to: FanFest July 9 Legends and Celebrity Softball Game July 10 All star Futures Game July 10 Home Run Derby July 11, 6 available in section 305. Can be sol all together or separate. Email Karen at if you or someone you know is interested. Airfare and Hotel is not included.

Thats it folks, keep praying for Cooper, Karen, Jason and the blood rive on Wednesday!!


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