Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Today is the day. They have put Coop on the CPAP and so far he is doing good!!! He is currently at 25%. {We breathe 21%}... So, say a big, BIG prayer that he keeps it up, and only improves. He is strong, and getting bigger every day, so I know that he will get this down.

He weighed in today at 3 pounds 9.5 ounces.. Big 'ol boy. Even in this picture you can tell that his face is starting to chunk up a bit!!!
He is wearing the CPAP in this picture, and although it may look a little worse and more invasive than the vent, it isn't. It is better, and a great sign that he is closer to going home!!


SAY A HUGE-ON-YOUR-KNEES prayer that Coop does amazing on the CPAP!!! He has grown so much, so hopefully this sticks!

Pray that Coop continues to grow, eat well and digest his food.

Pray for K&J for continued strength and rest.

Continue to pray for M {Coop's friend and neighbor} - she still has not had her surgery but will soon. Pray that she will start eating and digesting well.

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  1. Nice weight gain! And the CPAP looks good on him. Hoping he continues well on it, but know that even if he does need to switch back to an ET tube for a break, it's still huge progress!